September 9, 2012

Bringing Music to First Nations Communities

Hi – I'd like to ask for your help in bringing music and the arts to First Nations communities.   As a musician, I want to make a difference to the lives of young people in isolated areas and give them some of the same opportunities I had growing up in the "civilised" south.
For several years now, my family have not been giving each other gifts at Christmas.  Instead of buying needless "stuff" for each other, we've been donating the money to organizations that help those less fortunate than we are.   With all the recent news about conditions in indigenous communities, it makes sense to do something for other Canadians.
I'm working in conjunction with ArtsCan Circle to raise money to send musical instruments and teams of musicians and artists to remote communities in northern Canada. ArtsCan Circle is dedicated to encouraging self-esteem and engaging the youth in hands-on workshops in music, drama and visual arts.  You can learn more about the organization at
As a means of raising funds, I'm going to the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals conference in Mississauga, ON on October 12 & 13  and will be performing at the "Artists for ArtsCan Circle Showcase."  The showcase gives me an opportunity to bring my music to the conference attendees and at the same time, helps make it possible for ArtsCan Circle to continue bringing music and the arts to the north.  I am asking for your donation to sponsor my performance.
It's easy to get involved.  You can donate on-line or by cheque/snail mail.  To donate on-line go to and click on Donate Now.  On the donation page:
  • enter the amount of your donation – please be generous;
  • choose ArtsCan Circle Showcase (OCFF) as the Fund/Designation;
  • enter Bob Ardern in the Message/Instructions box to let them know that you're sponsoring me.
If you'd rather donate the old-fashioned way, please send a cheque made out to ArtsCan Circle to the address below. A charitable tax receipt will be sent to you automatically for online donations. For cheque donations charitable tax receipts will be mailed for pledges of $20 or more so please include your return address.
The deadline to sponsor me at the OCFF conference is October 5.  Your donation will bring young people in Northern Canada the gift of self-expression through music and art and self-esteem through their artistic achievements.  Thank you for your support. 
Bob Ardern
P. O. Box 174
Lunenburg, NS
B0J 2C0

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