November 7, 2012

November 2012 - Home From My Travels

Oh my, here it is November already.   This time of year a regular ear worm is Sandy Denny's song Who Knows Where The Time Goes.  October seemed to fly by but then it was a very busy month, what with trips to Ontario, fund raising for ArtsCan Circle, a couple of new projects and lots of music, of course.
Unfortunately, somewhere along the way,  a rhinovirus and several of its friends decided to call me home and I've had a nasty cold ever since the return to Lunenburg.  It really knocked me out so I have to apologize for being uncommunicative since my return.  I didn't even go out of the house for a week.  It feels like I'm finally on the mend and even managed to unload some of the stuff from the van after two weeks.

Under New Management
First of all, we are delighted to report that your humble correspondent is now being managed by Nicole Colbeck at Little AcornMusic Management.  Nicole has been a good friend for some time and she has also been a fan and head cheerleader for Wires Rosewood & Roots.  We've spent quite a bit of time chatting about music informally so it seemed appropriate to formalise the arrangement and I'm very excited that Nicole has taken me on as a client.

If you've read my previous posts, you'll know that I was off to Ontario to attend the OCFF Conference as well as playing a few dates on the way home.   The Conference was a whirlwind of a weekend.  It's always great to run into old friends and we had a grand time playing lots of music,  listening to music, talking music, learning about all kinds of aspects of music, catching the odd power nap then doing it all over again.  There are so many people that it was a joy to see and there isn't room to mention them all by name but you know who you are.

The musical events on the way home were a ton of fun.  The Hamilton Guitar Association is always a gas – mostly finger-style guitar players – my kind of people.  Then a couple of house concerts, one in Perth one in Ottawa,  along with a couple of All Day Breakfasts with fellow South Shore musician Manitoba Hal.  We planted a seed and we'll tell you about it if it germinates (with Nicole's careful watering).

Retail Distribution
Following up from the success of  Wires Rosewood & Roots on radio stations throughout the world, we now have retail distribution for the CD.   Of course, you can still buy CDs on my website and in addition,  you can now find it in over 200 music shops in the the United States, including Barnes and Noble, FYE and numerous independent record retailers.   If you're not sure where to find it in your area, send me an e-mail letting me know what city you're in and I'll e-mail you back with a store location.  Come From Away and Returning Home are also available through our distributor.

Guitar Transcriptions
Finally, I am very excited to be working in conjunction with my friend Greg Stone on guitar transcriptions for Wires Rosewood & Roots.  To date, Waiting For McAfee and Irish Mood  are complete and available to order.  You can buy them from my website and we will send you a printed copy of tablature, music notation, or both (your choice) and a PDF version of the transcription as well.   Payment is through PayPal (who will securely process your credit card if you don't have a PayPal account).

That's all the news for now.  Feel free to like my Facebook page or add me as a friend.
Cheers, Bob.

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