January 28, 2014

Craftsman CD is just about ready ...

Hi everyone.  I’m pleased to be able to let you know about the progress on my new CD Craftsman.  It’s a follow up to Wires Rosewood & Roots released in 2012 and we’re hoping Craftsman will be at least as big a success.  Featuring musical contributions from David Findlay, Kev Corbett and Alyssa Wright, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Lunenburg, NS at Otitis Media and produced by David Findlay.

The music is completed but before we release the CD, we’re launching a fund-raising campaign to help with the next stages in the process.  We’d like to ask for your help in raising a portion of the funds we need to manufacture the disks and get the new music out.  For as little as 20 bucks, you can help get the new music into your hands and other fans’ hands.  As well, you will be helping us broaden our horizons and reach out to new fans. 

The campaign is being managed through Indiegogo and we’re asking for your support to cover some of the costs of manufacture, promotion, and distribution.  With your help, Craftsman will be available for purchase and for listening on folk and new age radio programs around the world.   We are targeting an official release date of March 15 and as a thank you to everyone who contributes to the campaign, we'll be sending out pre-ordered CDs at the end of Febuary so you’ll get yours before the general release.

Follow this link to Indiegogo for more information and to make a contribution. 

The campaign page contains a video of one of the new songs, more information on the music, and a set of contribution amounts and the perks you will receive for your contribution.

We know that in these tough economic times, you have a lot of demands on your wallets and we are extremely grateful for any contribution you can make to the project - whether it be a financial contribution or other non-monetary support.  Any musician will tell you that the appreciation of the fans who listen to us is one of the main reasons we make music.  Without you, our audience, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

One last favour. . .  Even if you can’t contribute financially, we would be incredibly grateful if you would share the link to the campaign with your musical friends and help us to get the word out. As they used to say on the old wine commercials:  Thank you for your support.

Cheers, Bob


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