April 4, 2014

April - Craftsman and The All Day Breakfast Tour

Hello from the road.  Your humble correspondent has embarked on the All Day Breakfast Tour with my good friend Manitoba Hal.  At the time of writing, we are ensconsed at the Abundant Haven in Hopkinton, MA rehearsing and getting ready for the first gig on the tour.  We did a dress rehearsal this evening in Northborough and it sounded pretty good for a first time on stage.  In truth, Hal and I have been on stage at the same time before at festival workshops but this is the first time we're doing it as a planned double act.

On my way to the first gig on this tour (one of two Bob solo dates) I stopped in the post office in Calais, Me and sent out around 150 or so copies of Craftsman to radio stations around the US.  Just before I left on the tour, I took another 35 or so copies to the Lunenburg post office for destinations in Canada and overseas - mostly Europe but also to Korea and Australia.

As an aside, a few more reviews of Craftsman have come in and you can find links to them on the reviews page of bobardern.ca.

But back to the All Day Breakfast Tour.  The show comprises three sets, a solo set of Bob (mostly instrumentals but the odd vocal might creep in), a solo set of Hal (with offerings from his new double CD Down In The Kitchen) and a closing set of duets featuring both Bob and Hal originals arranged for two guitars or guitar and ukelele.  The dates include Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Maine.  Full details of dates and locations are available at alldaybreakfasttour.com  Contact information for us is also available on the tour website.  In addition to the performances, Hal and I will also be appearing on radio station WOMR in Provincetown, MA on Tuesday morning (April 8).

Interlude. . .

I put down the blog for a while and am now just getting back to it.  In the interim, we went to the Luthier's  Co-op in Easthampton, MA for the first official gig.  The Co-op is an interesting venue, part neighbourhood bar part guitar shop concentrating on vintage and used instruments.  Hal and I wandered around the place looking at instruments before the show.  Tonight (as I type this) we're off to the Armagh Coffeehouse in Concord, MA. 

It's the usual whirlwind of a tour and if you want to follow what we're doing (including pictures of every diner where we go for All Day Breakfast) you can follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BobALunenburg and https://www.facebook.com/hal.brolund.

Coming to finer diners and breakfast joints throughout the Northeast, this is the All Day Breakfast Tour signing off for now.

Cheers, Bob


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