January 1, 2010

Hello from the South Shore

Ah, it's a chilly snowy New Year's Day in Lunenburg. The snow is falling, the sky is grey and the foghorn is sounding its mournful cry across the front harbour.

Here we are into 2010 already. It didn't seem all that long ago that Don Bray was here and we were almost taking root in the attic/studio laying down the tracks for Come From Away. I'm told that the CDs will be in my hot little hands on Wednesday and the official release can begin. It's been a long fun trip getting this project complete and there's more to come.

There's a new design to the website coming along with the new CD. Much of the information is the same as in the old site and we've added some new links, changed things around to make it easy to navigate, eliminated the frame structure (which is a stylistic no-no any more). There are just a few more changes to make before the updating starts, next week sometime.

More to come in a little while. I've just set up the blog as part of the new website layout so watch this space.

Cheers, Bob

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