January 28, 2010

Hi again, everyone.

First of all, thanks to everyone who's been in to look at the new website and thank you for all your positive comments about the new look and the new songs. I'm spiralling in on having it static for a while and I've made a few more changes.

The first big news is that I've set the date for the official launch of Come From Away. It will be held at the Lunenburg Academy on Friday March 19th. I'm looking forward to it and I've asked several local musicians to join me on stage, including Eilidh Campbell, Chip Veinotte, Brian Tanner, and Barb Morris. I'm still working on a couple of ideas and may have a few surprises. I'll keep you posted.

Second big news is that Come From Away is available on-line through CD Baby. There's a link on the Come From Away page or you can link from right here. Click here to pop open a link to the CD Baby page. You can buy a copy of the CD or download the whole CD or individual songs.

Finally, there are a few changes to the site that you might be interested in:

The main addition is that I've added a link to
For The Sake Of The Song under the About Bob menu. My friend Sean McGaughey of Midland, Ontario is a singer/songwriter himself and an avid fan of the genre. He interviews songwriters about music and podcasts them from his website. He was kind enough to include me in his podcast some time ago and our conversation is now on-line here. There's also a link to Sean's site so you can listen to his other conversations.

I've also changed the Guestbook a bit. The original version had no spam trap in it and I was being deluged with junk entries. I eventually turned off the "Add a comment" feature inside the Guestbook but for the benefit of the spammers who went directly to the "Add" file, I put in a redirection to the YouTube video of the Monty Python "SPAM" sketch. It's one of my favourites and seemed appropriate. Now the Guestbook has a Captcha screen in it that asks you to enter a randomly generated string and click on an "I am Human" button before proceeding. I hope this works to keep the spam at bay.

Finally, the Press Kit menu has a link to my SonicBids EPK (which will probably interest you only if you're a booking agent).

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to send me an e-mail, sign the guestbook, add a comment to the blogosphere here.

Cheers, Bob

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