March 18, 2010

Feeling ill in beautiful weather

DRAT! This wasn't supposed to happen. I came back from vacation with a cold - I think I picked it up in Toronto either in the hotel or on the plane back to Halifax. Either way, it's taken hold and isn't letting go. I am feeling better than at the beginning of the week but it still means I had to postpone the CD Release concert and the House Concert at Frank's Place.

Thanks to everyone who sent me get well wishes. At least it's sunny and warm on the South Shore and the feeling of spring is in the air.

Big news - after years of resisting, I finally signed up to Facebook. It's insidious the amount of time you can spend (dare I say "waste"? he he he) watching what the rest of the world is doing. I sorta rationalize it at the moment cause I'm feeling unwell and don't have the energy to do much of anything other than sit at my computer but I will have to change my habits once I'm back to full strength. Can you get Facebook Addiction and is there a 12-step program for it?

That's all for now. Cheers, Bob

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