April 8, 2010

On the road

Hi from the road, everyone. I've been having fun catching up with old friends, playing for new ones, generally having fun while Julia is at home having work done around the house and rediscovering that the life of a travelling musician isn't all the glamour of the show itself.

I'm through the GTA portion of the tour, looking forward to the show on Saturday on the shores of beautiful Georgian Bay at the Zen Waffle Inn in Waubaushene. Then on Monday, I'm off to Northern Ontario. It will be an interesting change to get up there in April instead of August when the long-suffering Jives and I head off to Red Rock for the Live From The Rock Festival. The CBC weather report is calling for freezing rain and snow up there in the next couple of days so I'm hoping it's all blown itself away by the weekend so I don't get snowbound. Sure makes a change from last weekend when I was in Toronto and it was 25 degrees.

Unfortunately, we had a scheduling conflict and we've had to cancel the house concert in Marathon on April 17. We've moved the Wawa performance to the 17th and moved it to the Legion. There are compensations though. I've added a show in Sackville, NB on the 24th which should be fun. Some friends have played there and the two brothers who run the Hamilton Guitar Association are originally from there and they've told me all about Sackville so I'm looking forward to that one.

One of the unfortunate side effects of being on the road is that I've missed Lunenburg Sessions. Last Tuesday we had Dusty Keleher in and I was sorry to miss that one. If you haven't heard of him and you like traditional Irish music, you should check him out. He's on Facebook and Myspace and worth a look.

Coming up on May's Sessions, for which I will be home, we're having my friend (and recently-arrived CFA) Manitoba Hal Brolund who is now Nova Scotia Hal having moved to Shelburne, just along the South Shore from Lunenburg.

Today it's time to help my mother buy a new computer. Her old one is as slow as a snail and I'm going to look for something new and fast for her. The only concern I have is that she's used to Windows XP and we're most likely to end up with a system that has Windows 7. I'm not convinced I like it. I have it on my netbook (that came with me on the road) and it wouldn't have been my choice if I could have found one with XP. There's probably a song somewhere in my brain about Microsoft and it wouldn't be very complementary.

So that's it for now. Stay well and I hope to see you at a show sometime soon.

Cheers, Bob

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