May 19, 2011

Spring on the South Shore

Oh my, what a rainy spring. The boatbuilders in town have turned their skills to making arks. I was by the Bluenose II restoration site a few days ago and saw an old guy with a beard who had a couple of saws and a chisel in his hand. He was muttering something about not enough animal accomodations. I couldn't quite make out the name embroidered on his overalls but it looked suspiciously like Noah.

Ah, but as I sit and muse this afternoon, the sun is shining, the leaves are starting to explode on the chestnut tree and it's looking beautiful in Lunenburg. The ice cream parlours are open again and people are walking about without jackets (and umbrellas).

I've just spent a couple of hours restructuring the website although you shouldn't notice any difference - it just makes maintaining the site a little easier. Thank goodness for my computer skills; I knew they'd come in handy someday. In truth, there are features of being a programmer that I miss even though I wouldn't want to go back to earning a living at it.

Along with the underlying structural changes the website has one new feature. Andy Flinn and Ariana Nasr from Wolfville, NS have been putting on both a concert series called Night Kitchen and an annual music festival called AMP Festival for several years. On Mother's Day, I was honoured to play (with Ariana) at the AMPFest Sunday Night Gala Performance. There's a video of our performance of Senses of You on Youtube and you can now link to the video from the Music/Lyrics menu on my website or by clicking here.

Coming up on June 11th, I have another return engagement at Scuttlebutt - a great little restaurant on Montague Street in Lunenburg. The owners, Rob and Traci, are lovely people who put on live music in the restaurant most weekend evenings and it's a pleasure to be playing there sorta regularly. Come on down and support live music while enjoying good food in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. More info on Scuttlebutt can be found on Facebook - click here for a link to the FB group.

The following weekend, June 18 sees me back at the Harbour Folk Kitchen Party at the Rose and Kettle Tea Room in Cole Harbour. For more information, click here to visit the Harbour Folk website.

And one last but very important thing - Get Well Soon thoughts to David Walsh who is in St Mikes's Hospital in Toronto recovering from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. We're cheering for ya big guy.

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