June 21, 2011

First a brief weather update - the rain has stopped and the sun's supposed to shine all week. And now for the news. . .

The big news we are very pleased to announce is that your humble correspondent will be playing some dates accompanying Bonnie Ste-Croix. Bonnie is a great singer/songwriter originally from Gaspé and now living in Halifax after many years in Vancouver. To give you the short version, we were both booked to play a Songwriters Circle at Lunenburg Sessions in May. I offered to back up Bonnie with some guitar playing and a bit of harmony at the circle. The performance was well received and we decided to try it again.

Our first major event was on June 9 and we had a wonderful time at Fables in Tatamagouche. Chuck and Hanna Hunziker are the owners of Fables and they present a range of performance arts events every week. If I didn't love living in Lunenburg so much, I think I'd move to Tatamagouche and become a member.

A great deal of music is happening in Lunenburg as well. Traci and Rob at Scuttlebutt are presenting live music Thursdays through Sundays. I'll be back for another night of fun there on July 23rd. Also back for the summer is Anna Ludlow's Kitchen Ceilidh at the Fish Factoryon Wednesdays. As always, Lunenburg Sessions is presenting music in the Academy on the first Tuesday of every month.

Hope to see you out at a music event soon.

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